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Febhouse - Crafting Green Architecture for Sustainable Dreams

Here are our services:

Shadow diagrams - Site analysis

The Shadow diagrams, climate analysis (sunlight and wind) for your project.

In Diagrams include: The path of the sun and wind affecting the structure at the two hottest and coldest times of the year (mid-summer and mid-winter).

What does the Shadow Diagram offer:

  • To serve as a basis for maximizing natural sunlight and ventilation in green architecture design.
  • To assess potential impacts on your property due to neighboring house expansions.
  • To assess potential impacts on neighboring properties due to your house expansion.
  • To verify compliance with local/regional regulations and zoning in your construction/expansion project.

Nhà Sinh Thái

Architectural and Landscape Design based on Green Architecture Philosophy. We’ve named this service “Nha Sinh Thai”

Nha Sinh Thai: Utilizing clean technologies, minimizing environmental impact, reducing energy consumption, and focusing on human well-being.

What does Architectural and Landscape Design offer:

  1. Optimizing the space of your garden or balcony.
  2. Creating a weekend getaway cottage.
  3. Or even realizing your dream resort business project.

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Residential house design

  • When you have a need for building and design services.
  • When you’re planning the future use of your land.
  • When you’re selling subdivided lots and require an enticing design for a cohesive neighborhood.
  • When you’re a construction contractor or architect bidding for projects.
  • when you need house models to enhance urban planning feasibility.
  • Or simply when you want to build your dream home.

Please talk to us. We offer tailored design packages to meet your specific needs.