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Architecture landscape is not simply about creating a beautiful space, but also ensuring that every element is considered and presented appropriately.


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By utilizing natural elements such as climate, terrain, water, and vegetation, landscape architecture creates unique and serene spaces while maintaining ecological balance

So sánh các phương án biệt thự đơn lập


Architecture Landscape spaces must meet the needs of the community for social interaction, recreation, relaxation, and learning. Smart functional layouts not only optimize the space but also foster social interaction and sustainable development

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Each space carries a distinct message and essence within it. They are manifested through shapes, materials, and colors. Architectural style not only establishes uniqueness for a space but also reflects the interaction between the past, future, and present

In conclusion, landscape architecture design is a complex and delicate process. By creatively combining these three elements, we can create beautiful, engaging, and meaningful landscape spaces for both the community and the environment.

These are the minimum requirements for building a sustainable project!

Và đó cũng chính là quan điểm sáng tác của chúng tôi!

And we are determined to develop a designer brand

and we named it FebHouse


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February House – Why my company name is February House?

Because February is the month begin of the spring (Northern Hemisphere) autumn (Southern Hemisphere), the climate is pleasant, not too cold or too hot, we can open the door to bring nature into my home. At that time, the house and nature are combin into a symphony was really wonderful.

By analyzing architectural physics (sunlight, wind) and then layout function  combine green area, we will bring February to your house in all season in year.

Besides, all architectural styles from all over the world will be choiced to decorate the outside, show the personality of the perfect home owner.

If you are currently or planning to become our client

At Febhouse, you will find an enthusiastic and creative team of architects who are always focused on practicality. The Ecological Architecture philosophy enables us to design structures that seamlessly integrate with the environment while optimizing energy efficiency. All of this comes with a reasonable design cost. Reputation – coupled with quality!

Feel free to get in touch if you have ideas for constructing something; our expert consultations will leave you satisfied.


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Best regards !

Febhouse design and development team


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