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NX02-Balcony – the most important component in the apartment

When choosing an apartment, we often pay attention to the open side of that apartment, which is the place to catch the sun and wind from the environment. These are the two factors that determine the climate of the apartment.

Sunny, the more sunny summer, the hotter it is, but winter needs more sun to warm up.

Wind, summer needs a lot of wind to cool, but winter needs to avoid the cold wind.

The balcony is an important place because it is a place where direct contact with the above elements. And where we have space to handle, like creating air filters with trees, cooling the air into the house, while cleaning dust, just like the principle of air purifiers and air conditioners.

The balcony location is also very important, the balcony is in the right direction of the cool wind and avoids the summer sun but avoids the cold wind and catches the sun in the winter is great.