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The production process of Febhouse adheres to the principles of ecological architecture. It employs clean technologies, minimizes environmental impact, reduces energy consumption, and prioritizes human well-being. The process consists of five main steps:

1. Site analysis 

Conducting a site analysis is the pivotal initial step in crafting a viable design.

Evaluating factors such as location, topography, zoning regulations, transportation conditions, and climate empowers designers to maximize available resources and anticipate potential issues that might impede the project’s progress. (See more)


Every creation is built upon a fundamental foundation, where aesthetics are appealing but function is indispensable. Stemming from distinct requirements, core choices emerge, followed by the orchestration of an ideal blueprint that factors in the natural environment, the encompassing landscape, and the homeowners’ desires. (See more)

3. Facade

Architectural style is not merely an exterior façade; it acts as a seamless bridge connecting interior spaces with the natural world. Employing a suitable architectural style can evoke positive emotions for the occupants inside the house and those around, effectively enhancing the landscape environment or, in other words, revitalizing and upgrading the scenic surroundings. (See more)

4. Concept design:

Being a comprehensive directional design, it encompasses everything from analyzing the current situation and climate to devising the most suitable design solution for the construction site and your usage needs. (See more)

5. Construction:

It’s all you need to kickstart your construction journey. It includes: conceptual design, architectural drawings, electrical and plumbing plans, structural plans, and author supervision. You won’t have to worry about how your house will look, whether it meets your preferences, or if there are numerous changes after completion. (See more)


(That summarizes Febhouse’s production process, and you can find detailed information for each section)


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