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What we can offer


The overall design of your house.
VNĐ 200
/m2 design area
  • Building exterior design
  • Basic interior design
  • Architectural details
  • Structure - electricity, water - air conditioning
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Detailed design of furniture inside your home
VNĐ 200
/m2 design area
  • Detail design of wall areas
  • Detail design of ceiling-floor areas
  • Detail design of furniture
  • Detail design of electricity and water in accordance with the interior layout solution


Detailed design of the landscape around your home
VNĐ 50
/m2 design area
  • Details of hardscape
  • Details of materials (flooring, wall cladding ..)
  • Detail design trees
  • Details of landmark, step, curb...
  • Details of lighting, power supply, water supply and drainage
  • Detail of the structure of items in the garden
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Ngoài ra, chúng tôi có một số gói combo khi bạn muốn thiết kế một khu nhà sinh thái liên hoàn.

  • Combo Architectural Design + Interior: unit price will be reduced to 350,000/m2. (This package is suitable for you to design eco-houses in urban – city areas)
  • Combo Architectural + Landscape Design: 15% reduction in total design cost. (This package is suitable for eco-house design in resorts)
  • Combo Architectural Design + Interior + Landscape: 20% reduction in design costs. (this package will make your project perfect)
  • Combo design and construction package (construction value > 1 billion) will reduce 50% of the design fee.

Explain the sample package

This is the first step when we start work.

The standard urban (site area, land boudaries, construction boundaries number of floors and maximum total height) of the site has listed with pictures because this is something that cannot be change.

Besides, natural climatic conditions at the study site (seasonal wind, sunshine) are indispensable.

They have a significant influence on the façade architecture of the building.

For example, the open side of the building has a beautiful landscape, but it is greatly influenced by heat radiation from the Sun in the summer and cold wind in the winter, so it is necessary to take measures to reduce heat radiantion of sun and keep visibility. (canopy, large roof, material insulation, wind trap…)

These analyzes help us design a building that is optimal in terms of energy use (saving energy for air conditioning, lighting, etc.) and long-term harmony with the landscape around (sustainable architecture).

Those are the minimum conditions to become a Green Architecture.


From step 1, we set up some basic shapes. Each option corresponds to a basic layout.

From the requirements that customers want, we give the advantages and disadvantages of the options. From there, we choose the most perfect for project.

We should go from the general to the detail.

This stage is the most difficult.

Set up the functional layout for the option that we think is the most reasonable.

At the same time, we offer architectural styles that correspond to functional layouts. (Customers choose architectural styles or we choose to suit the region and climate)


This is our main options layout. Customers can choose option 1 or option 2 if it is more suitable.

At this stage, the dimensions are already at a basic level to be able to see the overall project.

More detailed dimensions will be at a later stage (construction design).

Some pictures model 3d to better understand the project

Structural dossiers, electricity and water documents for construction according to Vietnamese standards

  • Author supervision to explain and clarify construction design documents when required
    requirements of investors, construction contractors and construction supervision contractors submit.
  • Adjust the design to the actual construction as well as handle any problems
    reasonable in design at the request of the investor. In addition, coordinate with the master consultant when
    are required to solve design problems that arise during construction
  • Timely notify the investor and petition for remedial action when issuing wrong work
    with the design browser of the construction contractor
  • Finally, when detecting work items, construction works are not eligible for testing
    Collectors must give their opinions in writing to the investor in a timely manner.

We will refund 100% of the cost of the Basic design / Concept design package when you upgrade to the Construction design package

We have professional builders ready to build your dream home.

Price for the whole company package: Contact (will quote according to the investment and labor cost)

[ Most frequent questions and answers ]

Frequently asked questions

You have 3 revisions in Concept Design, and Construction Design packages. It’s a good idea to get feedback early when you’re in the Idea stage. Particularly, the Basic Design package in the collection shop  cannot be edit because this is a ready-made item, not a tailor-made item.

In the Concept Design package and the Construction Design package, we will send the soure files when the contract is finalised. Particularly for the Basic Design package in the collection shop, unfortunately we cannot send soure files to you.

Febhouse will refund 100% of your Basic Design purchase when you upgrade to a Concept Design or Construction Design plan.

Similarly, when upgrading from Concept Design to Construction Design package, 100% of the fee will be refunded.

When you purchase the Basic Design package in the Collections shop, Febhouse will send your package file PDF within 24 hours (possibly immediately).

When you purchase a Concept Design or Construction Design package, we will bring the contract and start the project with you. The final profile is 3 sets printed on A3 paper. and soure files.

You will not be able to return Basic design purchased in the collections shop . You can buy another set. Or upgrade to Concept Design or Construction Design.

You are allowed to use the images of Basic design to include in your project but must clearly indicate the design copyright of Febhouse

You are completely fine. This is Febhouse‘s forte. We will design the house samples according to your individual orders. Please contact us as soon as possible.

You are allowed to use the products in the Basic design to include in your project but must clearly indicate the design copyright of Febhouse

Yes please. Contact me first so I can send you a custom offer that works best for what you need and leave terms clear, I will then proceed to confirm pricing and deadline of the project.


Yes, you can send me a message and I’ll send you a PDF file with all the works we’ve done so far.