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  1. The concept package is a directional design plan. Encompassing everything from site analysis and climate considerations to the most suitable design proposal for your construction site and usage needs.
  2. We strive to ensure your satisfaction because, simply put, your home is an asset that will be closely tied to you for a very long time, and it is also our spiritual offspring.
This package is tailored to your needs:
  1. You want to design a beautiful home that meets green architectural standards and seek the best consulting services.
  2. You have a design requirement but are not yet ready for immediate construction. When the need for construction arises, you can upgrade to the construction design package, and refund concept package
Limitations of this package:
  1. This package only covers the basic design stage. If you are satisfied with the outcome of this package, you can upgrade to the construction design package. Which includes a comprehensive profile design for all categories (electricity, water, structure).
  2. When you upgrade to the Construction Design package, you will receive a 100% refund for the concept design.
Below is a sample profile (completed by Febhouse).

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